Central European Cup 2022

Entry form for CE Cup 2022 Hot Air Balloon Championship,
Szeged – Hungary, 9th to 13th September 2022


Important information to register for CE Cup 2022 competition:


You must log in to this subsite to apply for the event, with your Balloon-tracking.eu username and password. If You don’t have a username yet, please register!

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You can use the Balloon-tracking system for this event if you have a valid Event Credit.

You must pay an entry fee to compete. You can pay by credit card or wire transfer after filling in the application form and clicking on the "Apply" button below.

Your application will be automatically validated after your event fee is successfully paid for the organizer. After this process you can use the event subpage and the system features. Therefore we suggest to make the payment with credit card, as it is automatically, instantly processed.


I enter the competition and declare the following:

I have read and understood the Rules of this competition.

I acknowledge that the entry fee is 190 euros including gas, electronic map, dinner on the Opening Ceremony and Awards Ceremony, breakfast and lunch for 4 persons/team, free camping facilities on the airport. The first 60 pilots will be accepted based on the application schedule, the fiesta pilots are not including in the maximum numbers of competitors. Fiesta pilots are welcome too but they can make passenger flights with organiser's boarding pass only.

I accept that organiser will provide Balloon-tracking system during the Event, and the Balloon-tracking Application currently works with Android devices only.

I acknowledge that the organizer may provide an android device that may be rented to me for the competition. (20 €/Event included data SIM card) If I request it, I will notify the organizer no later than 30.07.2022.


Please send the invoice to me with my default invoicing details


 I enter other billing information in the comment field.

 As company (you need a VAT identification number)

 I order    pc printed map (10 €/pc).

 Expected and check in  

I agree that in order to participate in the competition, I must share the following personal information with the competition organizer and the officials: My name, email and phone; my post address, billing address; bank account number (only in case of refund of entry fee); my photo, my PIC hours; photo of my Pilot licence; photo of my balloon; Reg. type and size of my balloon; the size of my T-shirt.

If the organizer accepts this application, I authorize balloon-tracking.eu to share this personal data I have recorded with me with the organizer at www.balloon-tracking.eu/index.php/rofile.

I acknowledge that the officials of the competition can see my track during the tasks without any restrictions.

I acknowledge that if I do not disable it on the Event Share my position website, my track recorded during the task will be displayed to the public.

I acknowledge that the following personal information may appear to the public in connection with the competition: My name, my photo, my "About me" content, photo of my balloon.

I acknowledge that photo, video and audio recording may be made for the press and the public at the Event. I acknowledge that, I, my team and my balloon appear on these without additional permission and fee.

I acknowledge to be available to the media and the press to answer questions about the competition at the request of the event director.

To support the Hot Air Ballooning and the PR of this competition, I will join the competition’s open group on Facebook and I'll like and share the positive news that appears there.

I inform my friends, followers and fans about the competition and my participation in it on my own social media pages.

I declare that I am entitled to use the Sponsor logo at the event in accordance with my sponsorship agreement.

If required by my contract, I will inform my sponsor of my participation in the event. I would like to inform him that he has the opportunity to appear separately on the media surfaces of the event, if there is a need to do so, I will indicate this to the organizer.

I know, understand, accept and abide by the sporting code and the rules and regulations.

 *  I have verified my details (billing and orders) on this entry form, confirming my details and statements here.

I acknowledge, that in this competition, I have to pay the Entry fee directly to the co-organizer Cameron Ballons Hungary SE.

Cameron Ballons Hungary SE will email the payment request for the registered email address within 10 minutes after clicking the "Entry for this competition" button. It can be accessed by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD PRO FORMA INVOICE" button in the email, then it can be paid with a credit card.

If you don't see this email, please check it in your spam folder!

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